Have You spent money taking a Microblading class?

Microblading Shadowing Training

Do you wish you had someone to take your hand and show you exactly how it's done?

What is Microblading Shadowing Training

Microblading Shadowing Training allows you to learn about real-life and real-time training through a typical workday by accompanying Brittany, the Microblading Shadowing Training Expert. You can observe Brittany working on clients, creating amazing eyebrows with all the advanced techniques that she has developed, making decisions, and engaging with clients. You will never be this close to an expert, right next to you, answering your questions and mentoring you with first-class advice.  

  • What if you could shadow one of the top microblading artists in the industry?
  • Learn the skills you need to develop the fantastic brows that bring in the high-paying clients where you make real money.
  • What if you could be side by side with Brittany, our top microblading specialist, and see every bit of all the work that she does?
  • Imagine what that could do for your career?
  • Would that help to give you the confidence you need to go out there and make big money from what you've invested so far? 

 Take your microblading career to the next level. 

*Not all candidates are qualified; we do an interview to ensure that you meet the criteria; we need to create winners. We only work with the best and ready.

Hurry and fill out the form below, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to set up a time for your interview.

 **You must already be a certified Microblading artist to apply for this program. 



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